Services Division

  Q1 2011      Q1 2010   
  Sales1)      € million      300.0      230.5   
  External sales      € million      119.5      88.0   
  Earnings before tax (EBT)      € million      5.0      5.1   
1) Incl. sales to other corporate divisions

Services-EBT (in € million)

Services-EBT (in € million)

Services-Sales (in € million)

Services-Sales (in € million)
The business activities of the Services Division were determined by the healthy capacity utilization in steel companies. As a result, the division was able to match its good performance in the previous year.

Segment sales rose by a third to € 300.0 million in the first quarter of 2011 in comparison with a year ago. DEUMU Deutsche Erz- und Metall-Union GmbH (DMU), a company trading in raw materials, recorded the strongest growth. Sales doubled, boosted by the significant increase in prices, above all in the steel scrap business. Salzgitter Hydroforming GmbH & Co. KG (SZHF) raised sales significantly (+31 %) on the back of surging demand, particularly from automotive customers. The division’s external sales grew by 36 %.

With a pre-tax profit of € 5.0 million as per March 31, 2011, the division delivered a repeat of the gratifying result posted a year ago. DMU and Hansaport Hafenbetriebsgesellschaft mbH (HAN), an associated company, made decisive contributions and, with the exception of SZAE, all companies belonging to the division achieved positive results.
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