Q2 2013 Q2 2012 H1 2013 H1 2012
Sales1) € million 123.1 55.9 260.9 137.7
External sales € million 8.5 13.4 18.0 22.0
Earnings before taxes (EBT) € million -57.6 9.7 -42.7 31.1
1) Including sales with other divisions in the Group
The Other/Consolidation segment comprises activities that are not directly allocated to a division. As a management holding company, Salzgitter AG does not have any operations of its own. Instead it manages Salzgitter Mannesmann GmbH (SMG) and Salzgitter Klöckner Werke GmbH (SKWG) under which the major companies of the Salzgitter Group are held.

Sales in the Other segment, which are generated mainly by business in semi-finished products with subsidiaries and external parties, advanced to € 260.9 million on the back of intra-group deliveries during the reporting period (previous year: € 137.7 million). External sales declined slightly to € 18.0 million (previous year: € 22.0 million).

Earnings before tax stood at € –42.7 million, which is considerably lower than the previous year (€ 31.1 million). The result includes € –54.2 million in after-tax loss (previous year: € 34.6 million) from Aurubis AG (NAAG), a participation included at equity, offset by positive effects from interest income.