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Success and progress hinge especially on our employees – it is they who shape the future of Salzgitter AG. Our aim is therefore to ensure a healthy, supportive and motivating working environment for the whole workforce. As our personnel policy is oriented toward sustainability, it is continually adjusted to shifting company and operational aspects but also to developments in society.

Structures in the company are visibly changing: Employees will be working longer in the future, managers will encounter different workforce structures, and well-qualified junior staff will become a scarce resource. As a company geared to the long-term, we view counteracting the effects of demographic change with specific strategies as one of the key tasks of our HR work. Under our "GO – Generation Offensive 2025 of Salzgitter AG" project, launched in 2005, we pursue the goal of protecting and reinforcing the innovative strength and competitiveness of Salzgitter AG far into the future. Almost 60 GO measures have been developed and assigned to six core areas of activity: 

  • Corporate culture and management
  • Personnel marketing and recruitment
  • Personnel development and qualification
  • Work organization, time and compensation
  • Health/fitness and ergonomics
  • Integration management

Depending on the respective age structure, the requirements specific to the individual company and pressures at the workplace, as well as regional conditions, the Group companies select suitable measures from an extensive catalog. An initial stocktaking after five years of "GO" shows that the majority of steps have already been implemented in the companies. At the same time, 2010 saw new areas of focus identified as part of the review and updating of existing GO measures. These include the advancement of women, work/life balance and the integration of (young) migrants. Work on these three areas of activity has meanwhile been stepped up and incorporated into the "GO Project" with adequate measures, such as a mentoring program for women.

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