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Personnel Development & Qualification

The dedication, knowledge and creativity of our employees are key success factors for our company. Personnel development and qualification have therefore always been at the heart of our HR work. We firmly believe that lifelong learning and continuous professional development form the basis for success at work. To enable our employees to develop their abilities and talents, we create an environment of opportunities and ample scope for further development. To this end, we offer suitable options within the Group for employees of any age and any position.

Qualification and continuous professional development

We have established a system called FORWARD for managers and experts at all companies within the Salzgitter Group. This system fosters the commitment, innovation capability and the information sharing on the part of high performers on all hierarchical levels. FORWARD is made up of three components: development programs, feedback systems and a competency model as a common basis. It defines interdisciplinary requirements that are particularly important, alongside expertise and professional experience.


  • Salzgitter Foundation Programs: Structured knowledge is disseminated, and the methods as well as interpersonal competence are systematically developed and consolidated in the German-speaking foundation program and in the Salzgitter International Training Program. The topic of “Intercultural Competence” forms another focal area of Salzgitter International Training Program – it is designed specifically for young professionals working in an international context.
  • Salzgitter College: The Salzgitter Expert and Management College is for high potentials with several years of working experience to concentrate on improving, applying and reflecting on interdisciplinary expertise. The same theme is covered in English in the Salzgitter International Management Development Program. This program has been specially designed for high potentials from all the companies whose scope of tasks is international.
  • Salzgitter Collaboration Workshops: Based on regional programs, the participants of these groups meet in a friendly environment to share their experience and gather information on key topics that change each year.
  • Salzgitter Project Workshop: Experienced managers and experts focus here on applying their knowledge and acquired expertise in a multi-disciplinary project group.
  • Salzgitter TOP Program: This program is designed for the intensification and development of management expertise through in-depth discussions between senior managers and members of the Executive Board on topics such as strategy, finance and leadership.
  • FORWARD program for women: Our Career Path Orientation Program for Women is aimed at women in all functions who wish to actively plan their careers and who are considering a management career as an option for their professional development.
  • The Mentoring Program for Women is designed for committed women managers and experts at all hierarchical levels. Its purpose is to assist the individual in developing in a management role as well as to provide support on the path toward managerial responsibility.

Similarly, we place great importance on the professional advancement of employees covered by collective agreements. An example of this is the PEQO program (Personnel Development, Quality and Qualifications, Organizational Development) of Salzgitter Flachstahl GmbH, which is also practiced by Salzgitter Mannesmann Stainless Tubes Deutschland GmbH. Employees meet with their supervisor once a year to discuss and clarify qualification requirements and career prospects. Leading on from this, measures and career development opportunities are agreed and generally realized within a year.

Knowledge management

Knowledge transfer takes place every day in a variety of structured ways, starting with dialog between an experienced employee and a new colleague, on to a team meeting discussing how a new component in the plant is maintained, and through to a moderated discussion between the knowledge incumbent and the person learning. In these processes, knowledge about markets, business partners, projects, products and processes is collated in the Group companies, permanently stored and made accessible to other employees – with the aid of Wiki systems, for instance. In the event of changes to personnel restructuring in the departments, the “TransferWerk” is used. A core component is the job map, a collection of the areas in which knowledge needs to be transferred that also includes an overview of the tasks and requirements of the respective position for the benefit of the staff coming in. Since 2008, "TransferWerk" has often been used successfully for various positions, such as senior executive, works manager or engineer, across very different areas, as well as in the holding company.

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