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Personnel Planning

We have opted for a variety of programs generally geared to the long term to acquire well qualified young employees, especially in technical and scientific professions, and promote their long-term loyalty to the company.

Our activities also include extensive support offered to interns, cooperation with universities and partnerships with schools. In addition, we offer training in almost 30 professions and dual study programs in the commercial and technical fields as well as IT. Our trainee ratio has exceeded the level of our own requirements for decades. As such, we make an important contribution to safeguarding the capability of Germany as an industrial location.  

Graduates have the possibility of joining Salzgitter AG as trainees. The trainee program is geared to the individual companies and serves the purpose of securing specialist and junior managers (including for the areas of technology, sales/logistics, personnel, procurement and finance). The programs generally run for 24 months. The various companies focus on different areas in the programs. The trainee program of KHS GmbH, for instance, has an international slant due to secondments arranged in factories abroad, in the US, Mexico or India, for example. Salzgitter Flachstahl GmbH assigned its currently twelve trainees (as of 2016) permanently to one area right from the start. From there they are also sent to other departments in manner that suits the purpose. The Group trainees of the holding are given six assignments in the various business units, which allows them to get to know the versatility of Salzgitter AG.

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