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Environment & Energy

Conserving resources has always been a matter of course at Salzgitter AG, along with minimizing the impact of production processes on the environment and ensuring the environmental compatibility of our products. 

In an international comparison, we therefore rank among the most efficient companies regarding steel production and, with our integrated steel works in Salzgitter, are one of the world's steel producers with the lowest specific emissions. Our steel products are fundamental to numerous value chains. No other material can be deployed as flexibly in all areas of industry and, at the end of its useful life, be fully recycled.

Environmental guideline

A groupwide environmental guideline defines the overriding environmental targets of Salzgitter AG, laying down the following principles to govern activities:

  • Protecting the environment and the conserving of natural resources are an important corporate objective of Salzgitter AG. Complying with the prevailing laws and directives goes without saying. Our understanding of responsible environmental protection does not end in compliance with legal regulations.
  • Regular training and information fosters the environmental expertise of our employees, all of whom are called upon to contribute responsibly and actively to achieving our environmental targets.
    Facilities and production processes are monitored and improved on an ongoing basis. Our goals in this area are:

    • minimizing emissions, the use of raw materials and energy input,
    • recycling or disposing of unavoidable waste in an environmentally compatible way,
    • integrating environmental protection into production instead of end-of-pipe technologies,
    • using ecologically sound raw materials, consumables and supplies.

  • We seek open dialog with residents, business partners and employees.
  • By providing extensive information and advice, we help facilitate the environmentally compatible use and application of Salzgitter AG's products.
  • We are committed to promoting internationally uniform environmental standards and compliance with these standards, because responsibility for the environment should not end at national borders.

Organization of environmental protection

We rely on the specific skills of our employees on site for the organization of environmental protection within the Salzgitter Group. In the Steel and Tubes divisions, which have particular environmental relevance, special departments provide the operational side with support by answering questions relating to issues involving environmental law and monitoring compliance with the various policies. Moreover, they advise the companies on their investment projects in which we always integrate environmental aspects at an early stage.

At Group level, the Environmental and Energy Policy Department defines the strategic direction of environmental activities in coordination with the Executive Board. It also represents the environmental and energy-related interests of the Group to the outside world. Another systematic component has been established in the form of a Group Environment and Energy Steering Committee which serves as a platform for dialog and encourages the regular exchange of experience and know-how transfer between the companies.

Environmental management

Environmental management systems are instrumental in achieving a uniform and legally secure level of environmental protection. Many Group companies have integrated management systems that additionally encompass the areas of occupational health and safety and quality. Drawing on our underlying concept and our experience in introducing environmental management, we will now proceed with the establishment of increasingly important energy management systems: depending on the volume of energy consumed and the proportion of energy costs in the respective company, a list of priorities will be drawn up and rigorously implemented. Our intention is to consistently improve the management of all relevant energy consumption within the Group.

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