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Management & Values

Sustainability is a core component of our corporate strategy geared to long-term success: Our aim is to safeguard the independence of the Salzgitter Group through profitable growth, raise the value of the company on a sustainable basis, and thereby secure the future of Salzgitter AG for the benefit of all stakeholders. Financial stability and a sound balance sheet are important aspects in achieving this goal, as is the company's steady development in terms of technological, societal and political change.

Corporate mission and values

Acting responsibly and conducting business sustainably are an integral part of the Salzgitter Group's corporate culture and practice. As a steel producing and processing company, the wellbeing of our employees and the protection of the environment have always been given a high priority. Conserving resources and ensuring the environmental compatibility of our products and production processes are a matter of course for us. Our core aspiration is to continue to rank among the best in steel and technology in the future, and to create added value for our customers through innovative, premium product solutions. To achieve this goal, we rely on dedicated employees whom we offer attractive, challenging employment in an environment with scope and opportunities for development. As it is our firm belief that non-financial targets also contribute to the company's long-term success, agreements on objectives with our managers include social and ecological parameters, such as reducing accident rates and conserving resources, alongside financial ratios.
These corporate policies are also reflected in our Mission Statement YOUNITED.

YOUNITED was was developed in a joint cooperation between employees from different areas of specialization throughout the whole Group and has defined the fundamental principles and goals of our concerted action since 2014. Every year since then, one of the six values has been selected as a focal area and is lived through a groupwide initiative. The YOUNITED values are: Innovation, Sustainability, Fairness – identified by managers in the context of a Salzgitter Project Workshop – along with Spirit of Partnership, Groupwide Cooperation, Customer Orientation and Reliability.

CR organization

In our understanding, Corporate Responsibility (CR) is a task that encompasses the whole company. The strategies and activities for promoting sustainability in the various areas are coordinated by the members of the CR Working Group that was set up in 2006. It is made up of the managers who head the departments of Environmental and Energy Policy, Personnel/Social Policy, Investor Relations and Corporate Communication, as well as Internal Audit and International Affairs. The Working Group reports directly to the Chief Executive Officer of Salzgitter AG as well as to the respective members of the Executive Board responsible for the specific topics.

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