"The aim of our new corporate strategy is to put people at the center of our company in order to continue to meet the challenges of our time to the highest degree."

Gunnar Groebler, Chairman of the Executive Board at Salzgitter AG

Responsibility and Fairness

The long-term success of the company is at the forefront of all our activities - at the same time we are aware of our responsibility for the protection of the environment, towards our employees, customers and shareholders, and as part of society. We have therefore initiated various projects throughout the Group that are designed to make our actions along the entire value chain sustainable and climate-neutral.



of the steel can be recycled in the steelmaking process - without any loss of quality at all

SALCOS® - We turn steel green

With SALCOS® (Salzgitter Low CO2 Steelmaking), we have joined forces with partners from industry and research to lay the foundations for virtually CO2-free steel production. Central elements of the concept are electricity from renewable sources and its use in the production of hydrogen by means of electrolysis. This green hydrogen will replace the coal we currently use in the conventional blast furnace process. This will be possible with the help of so-called direct reduction plants, in which iron ore is reduced to iron directly in the solid state by hydrogen. This technology emits water vapor instead of CO2.

Our SALCOS® program thus pursues the Carbon Direct Avoidance approach, which stands for avoiding the generation of CO2 in steel production from the outset. Overall, our approach enables us to reduce CO2 emissions in steel production by over 95%.

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Corporate Social Responsibility in its whole

We want to act and produce sustainably. To achieve this, we set ourselves efficient goals and have developed a strategy that aligns all our corporate actions with our three cornerstones: people, the environment and society. In this way, we create a holistic approach to our corporate social responsibility and can successfully implement the demands placed on us together.




of the delivered quantity of scrap is fed back into the production process.
30 %


of steel ever produced is still in use.

Our achieved goals in numbers

In order to achieve the nationally and internationally agreed climate targets, we need to produce innovative steels and use them in state-of-the-art applications. We are also committed to organising our material flows responsibly and economically. Responsible action and sustainable management are thus a natural part of our corporate strategy.

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Projects & Commitment

Project SALCOS®

SALCOS® (Salzgitter Low CO2 Steelmaking) shows ways in which process-related CO2 emissions in steel production at the Salzgitter steelworks can be significantly reduced in future.

Project "Wind H2"

The aim of the "Windwasserstoff Salzgitter" project is to produce hydrogen from wind power by means of electrolysis and thus also to reduce CO2 emissions in steel production in the future.

Project GrInHy2.0

Green Industrial Hydrogen: Salzgitter AG has been participating in the GrInHy project since 2016, which stands for the production of hydrogen from renewable energies and opens up prospects for independent hydrogen production.

Salzgitter Mannesmann Renewables

With Salzgitter Mannesmann Renewables we are actively shaping the future of energy supply. We offer innovative and competitive steel solutions for our customers in the energy sector. Find out more about high-quality steel products and tailor-made system solutions.

Our products for a sustainable future

Together with Salzgitter Flachstahl GmbH and Mannesmann Line Pipe GmbH, Salzgitter AG offers its customers sustainable products. The company is thus responding to the lively interest in such materials and developing innovative solutions.

Living Diversity

Together, we live social responsibility with a special focus on people. We respond to challenges outside and inside the company with special social commitment, respect and tolerance.

Dipl.-Economist Michael Kieckbusch, Executive Board Human Ressources

"Respect for the diversity of each individual shapes our culture."

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