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Cash Flow Statement

In € m 2016 2015 restated
Earnings before taxes (EBT) 53.2 4.1
Depreciation, write-downs (+)/write-ups (–) of non-current assets 332.1 340.7
Income tax paid (–)/refunded (+) -137.6 -32.6
Other non-cash expenses (+)/income (–) 110.0 164.3
Interest expenses 94.6 113.2
Gain (–)/loss (+) from the disposal of non-current assets 7.6 8.6
Increase (–)/decrease (+) in inventories -82.6 202.1
Increase (–)/decrease (+) in trade receivables and other assets not attributable to investment or financing activities 9.0 137.2
Use of provisions affecting payments, excluding use of tax provisions -256.2 -247.8
Increase (+)/decrease (–) in trade payables and other liabilities not attributable to investment or financing activities 160.1 -242.0
Cash inflow from operating activities 290.2 447.7
Deposits from retirement of fixed assets 2.6 2.4
Payments for investments in intangible assets and property,
plant and equipment
-347.8 -421.0
Deposits (+) / payments (–) for financial investments -24.3 -96.0
Deposits from retirement of non-current financial assets 11.4 13.5
Payments for investments in non-current financial assets -5.5 -6.7
Outflow of funds from investment activity -363.6 -507.8
Payments to owners -13.5 -10.8
Deposits (+) / repayments (–) from taking out loans and other financial debts 99.0 142.0
Interest payments -32.9 -16.3
Inflow of funds from financing activity 52.6 114.9
Cash and cash equivalents at the start of the period 836.2 774.0
Cash and cash equivalents after change to consolidation group 4.4 8.1
Changes in exchange rates for cash and cash equivalents -1.8 -0.7
Change in cash and cash equivalents from cash relevant transactions -20.7 54.8

Cash and cash equivalents at the end of the period 818.1 836.2
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