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Group Structure and Operations

With a crude steel capacity of more than 7 million tons, more than 25,000 employees, and external sales of around € 8 billion in 2016, the Salzgitter Group ranks among Europe's leading steel technology and plant engineering corporations. Worldwide, the Group comprises more than 150 subsidiaries and affiliated companies.

Our core competences lie in the production and processing of rolled steel and tubes products and trading in these products. We also operate a successful business in special machinery and plant engineering.

The Group, headed by Salzgitter AG (SZAG) as the holding company, is divided into the five business units of Strip Steel, Plate / Section Steel, Mannesmann, Trading and Technology. Our service companies and participations operating primarily within the Group as well as participations, such as Aurubis AG (NAAG), Europe's leading producer of copper, are grouped under "Industrial Participations / Consolidation". More information on the individual business units is included in the section on "General Business Conditions and Performance of the Business Units".

All major companies belonging to the Salzgitter Group are combined together under the intermediate holding of Salzgitter KlöcknerWerke GmbH (SKWG). This structure allows us to carry out centralized and unrestricted financial management for the Group. As the management holding, SZAG manages SKWG, along with all associated companies, via the intermediate holding Salzgitter Mannesmann GmbH (SMG). The Executive Board of SZAG is composed of the same persons as the Executive Board of SMG and the Management Board of SKWG. The management and control of the Group are therefore carried out by the executive and supervisory bodies responsible for SZAG (Executive Board, Supervisory Board). The activities of the business units are coordinated by the heads of the business units. They are also the chief operating officers, each of a large company belonging to their respective unit. The Executive Board and business unit managers form the Group Management Board. This structure ensures that the activities of the companies are directly coordinated and managed across the business units, while incorporating the respective operational expertise.

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