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Picture of the program PrakTisch

PrakTisch was originally the title for our weekly get-together during lunch-time with all interns at our Salzgitter location. Over time however, PrakTisch has developed into more than just a lunch-date. In Salzgitter, the location which hosts most interns of the Salzgitter Group, we have been offering a program to encourage and develop young academics and give them the opportunity to network across the Salzgitter Group. The following gives an overview of what the program has to offer:

  • During events which take place on a regular basis, you get the opportunity to learn more about the Salzgitter AG as an employer and also you will receive information concerning future job opportunities.
  • For first-hand-experience, discussion rounds, which we initiate, will give you the chance to speak to employees and managers.
  • We will invite you to job fairs and other events the Salzgitter Group takes part in.
  • Rafting, Bowling or other fun activities will be organized twice a year to get to know your fellow interns and intern-tutors.
  • And of course our weekly lunch-date every Thursday gives you the chance to stay in touch with your fellow interns and talk about what’s new in your job and what has been going on in the Salzgitter Group.
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