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Highlights of BLECHEXPO 2019

Photo of the stand at the fair

Exhibitors at the 14th International Trade Fair for Sheet Metal Working together shared an area of more than 95,000 m2 on which they presented their latest products and innovations to a specialist audience drawn from numerous sectors including traders, mechanical engineers, the automotive industry and cold rolling mill operators. Salzgitter Flachstahl shared a stand with its sister companies in Hall 10, exhibiting a variety of material solutions, for example for vehicle bodies, chassis and drive trains.

This year, Salzgitter Flachstahl focused on the company’s new hot strip slitter, which customers could experience as a particular highlight on the stand in a virtual reality environment. Customers, partners and other interested parties were able to enjoy a virtual tour of a model depicting the hot strip slitting line.

The new plant allows Salzgitter Flachstahl to address the rising demand for high- and ultra-high-strength steels.

Photo of the VR demonstration of the new slitting line
Photo of the presentation of different high strength steel gradesn am Bildschirm

The company also supplied trade visitors with information regarding individual grades of strip, with details available depicting the properties and applications for 12 different grades of steel. These included case-hardening and heat-treatable steels (51CrV4,16MnCr5, 22MnB5, 42CrMo4, C35, C67S), bainitic steels (SZBS800 and their xpand®40 and xpand®50 variants), higher-strength micro-alloyed steels (S420MC and S700MC), as well as high temperature-resistant pressure vessel steel 13CrMo4-5 and dual phase steel HR330Y580T-DP.

In addition to the hot strip slitting line, sister company Salzgitter Mannesmann Stahlservice GmbH showcased its new multi-blanking line. Salzgitter AG is investing nearly 6.0 million euro in installing Europa’s most modern multi-blanking line. With the new line in service, with effect from the 2nd quarter of 2019 in addition to individual cutting geometries (curves, omega/trapezoidal cuts), SMS is now able to offer multiple cuts derived from coil widths up to 2,100 mm. The line is capable of processing both aluminum and steel coils in thicknesses ranging from 0.35 mm to 3.00 mm.

We would like to thank our visitors for the many constructive discussions we enjoyed, and look forward to greeting them once again at BLECHEXPO 2020.

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