"Volkswagen Group Award 2024": Salzgitter AG wins award in the "Sustainability" category - sustainable material flows in production acknowledged

05.07.2024 | Salzgitter AG

On July 2 in Wolfsburg, the Volkswagen Group once again bestowed the "Volkswagen Group Award 2024" on its best suppliers. Ten companies were honored in ten categories. This year's 20th award ceremony was attended by more than 250 guests from 29 countries.

The "Volkswagen Group Award" was presented in ten categories. Salzgitter AG has now been acknowledged for its "closed loop" approach to material supply, which has been in place for several years (the cooperation between VW and Salzgitter AG meanwhile looks back on more than 60 years). In the closed material loop set up here, the scrap generated during VW’s production is recycled and melted down again in the electric steel plant in Peine, for example, before being reprocessed for reuse in Salzgitter. This yields another "green" steel coil, which is then fed into production at VW. In 2023 alone, the material exchanged in this way amounted to around 74,000 tons.

As Gunnar Groebler, CEO Salzgitter AG, commented: "We were delighted to receive the award from Oliver Blume, CEO of the Volkswagen Group. This award from VW underlines once again that we are on the right track towards a more sustainable industry with our company and our "Salzgitter AG 2030" strategy. It is key for us to continue establishing ourselves as a Group in a world of holistically aligned production and service cycles. Especially when it comes to the fundamental global issue of CO2 reduction, we want to position ourselves for the future with our products. The award in the "Sustainability" category is an impressive confirmation of this success."

Eike Brünger, Managing Director Sales and Logistics, Salzgitter Flachstahl GmbH: "With this closed loop between our two companies, which has now been acknowledged by VW, we have succeeded in massively reducing the CO2 footprint and decisively driving the decarbonization of the supply chain forward. Many of our customers already value having products that are CO2-reduced in actual, physical terms. And this is precisely what we can enable with our SALCOS® (Salzgitter Low CO2 Steelmaking) program."



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