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The Salzgitter AG Initiative Construction meets with strong interest

16.01.19 | Message of the Salzgitter AG
Photo of "The Salzgitter AG Initiative Construction"

The BAU 2019 trade fair off to a good start
The Initiative Construction launched by Salzgitter AG is meeting with strong expert interest at the 2019 trade fair event in Munich. For the first time, the subsidiaries of the steel and technology group relevant to the construction sector are showcasing their offerings - based on a uniform marketing profile and presence.
“The Initiative Construction demonstrates once again how important the construction market is for the Salzgitter Group. This is a strong statement for our customers and our employees that is being more than well received,” explains Frank Seinsche, Head of Corporate Design & Events at Salzgitter AG.
The German Steel Construction Award 2019 was bestowed on the trade fair Tuesday. Among other companies distinguished, the working group (ARGE) formed by Werner Sobek Stuttgart AG, stahl + verbundbau GmbH and Züblin Stahlbau GmbH were honored. As the laudatory speech highlighted their notable achievement: “The Group headquarters in Herzogenaurach, the “adidas ARENA“, represents a truly exceptional building – both in terms of architecture, but also with regard to the engineering technology involved.” Various Salzgitter Group subsidiaries delivered steel products for this exceptional example of architecture.
The press conference hosted by bauforumstahl e. V. with the managing director of the association Stephan Lemgen, and the Chief executive of Peiner Träger GmbH, a Salzgitter AG subsidiary, also met with strong interest.
At this year’s Bau 2019 trade fair, the Salzgitter Group is represented by the following subsidiaries: Peiner Träger GmbH (PTG), Salzgitter Bauelemente GmbH (SZBE) and last but not least, Salzgitter Mannesmann Stahlhandel GmbH (SMSD).

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