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Business Units

As the management holding company, Salzgitter AG coordinates the five business units of Strip Steel, Plate/Sections, Trading, Mannesmann and Technology.

The business units comprise companies that operate with a high degree of discretionary scope, carrying out their market-, customer- and product-related activities under their own responsibility.

The Strip Steel Business Unit is composed of the operating companies of Salzgitter Flachstahl GmbH, Salzgitter Bauelemente GmbH, Salzgitter Europlatinen GmbH and Salzgitter Mannesmann Stahlservice GmbH. read more

The Plate/Section Steel Business Unit includes Ilsenburger Grobblech GmbH, Salzgitter Mannesmann Grobblech, Peiner Träger GmbH and DEUMU Deutsche Erz- und Metall-Union GmbH. read more

The companies of the Mannesmann Business Unit, combined under and headed by Mannesmannröhren-Werke GmbH, offer its customers a wide range of steel tubes and pipes. read more

As the management company in charge of the close-knit European sales network and global trading companies and sales offices, Salzgitter Mannesmann Handel GmbH (SMHD) ensures the Salzgitter Group's comprehensive presence. read more

The product and service range of the Technology Business Unit is geared first and foremost to machinery and plants for the filling and packaging of beverages. read more

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