Technology Business Unit

The product and service range of the Technology Business Unit is geared first and foremost to machinery and plants for the filling and packaging of beverages.

Three traditional manufacturers of specialist machinery are pooled within the Technology Business Unit, each holding an outstanding position within its respective market. The products produced by these companies embody our core values of innovation, quality and sustainability. Since 2007, the companies previously comprised by Klöckner-Werke AG have belonged to the Salzgitter Group.

The backbone of the segment is formed by the KHS Group, one of the three worldwide leading companies in the production of beverage filling and packaging machines. The company was established in 1993 following the merger of Holstein & Kappert AG, founded in 1868, and Seitz-Werke GmbH (later SEN AG).

KHS develops and produces the full portfolio of filling and packaging machines at four German sites. The offerings notably includes high-performance systems, as well as solutions for smaller output volumes. In addition to the German production sites, KHS also operates plants in the USA, Mexico, Brazil, India and China.

KHS GmbH is valued as a market leader and acknowledged as a provider of innovative, reliable and highly-efficient products and services, as well as turn-key plants, individual machines and modifications. The KHS vision “First Choice in Technology and Service” is underlined by pioneering and standard-setting concepts, which are consistently developed and produced to meet customer expectations. This focus on the continuous evolution of the product portfolio is also reflected in the numerous awards the company has received. For instance, two break-through innovations by KHS won the German Packaging Award 2014. In the following year, KHS received the Top 100 quality seal as recognition of special innovation, above-average innovation success among German small and medium-sized businesses, as well as the company’s status as one of the best employers in the mechanical and plant engineering sector.

In line with its commitment to corporate responsibility, KHS GmbH places particular focus on developing sustainable solutions, environmentally-friendly production and adhering to high social standards in its work. This is underlined by the ethics audits, Ökoprofit awards and the latest TÜV certifications for energy-efficient plant technology that KHS has received for various product developments.

In terms of sales, the KHS Group dominates the Technology Business Unit, with a share of around 90 %.

In addition to KHS, DESMA Schuhmaschinen GmbH, based in Achim near Bremen, is also part of this business unit. The company has been producing machines for the directly soling of shoes since 1946. Today, DESMA Schuhmaschinen GmbH is technology and world market leader for plants, machines, automation solutions and molds for industrial shoe manufacturing.

KDS offers full-service solutions in this field, from plant planning, developing machines and automation concepts through to mold construction and a global customer service.

Around half of all machines used worldwide for directly soling shoes currently come from DESMA.

The final company in the Technology Business Unit is Klöckner DESMA Elastomertechnik GmbH (KDE). Originally set up as the second pillar of business at DESMA Schuhmaschinen GmbH, the Fridingen-based company has produced innovative injection molding machines for rubber and silicon products since 1965. Today, the company boasts production plants in Germany, Slovakia, India, China and the USA as well as service sites worldwide. KDE ranks as the world market leader in its segment.

Teaser from the KHS GmbH logo


Juchostraße 20
44143 Dortmund, Germany
Phone: +49 231 569-0

Teaser from the Klöckner DESMA Elastomertechnik GmbH logo

Klöckner DESMA Elastomertechnik GmbH

An der Bära
78567 Fridingen, Germany
Phone: +49 7463 834-0

Teaser from the DESMA Schuhmaschinen GmbH logo

DESMA Schuhmaschinen GmbH

Desmastraße 1
28832 Achim, Germany
Phone: +49 4202 990-0

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