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Capital Market and Price Performance of the Salzgitter Share

Following the positive development of the previous year and an encouraging start into 2018 with new record levels, the stock markets quickly entered a phase of high volatility. Initially, this trend was caused by fears of potentially rising interest rates. Afterwards, the discussion of protectionist measures, above all by the United States, had a curbing effect and led to a strong consolidation in the final days of February. From March onwards, the markets trended sideways until the end of the first quarter, albeit with heightened volatility. Subsequently, there was another uptrend until the formation of government in Italy and trade policy threats of the US government caused another selloff towards the end of May which only reversed in July. The total performance of the DAX index stood at –1 % in the first seven months; the MDAX index gained 3 %.

The movements of the Salzgitter share followed those of the general market until early March, albeit showing more volatile reactions to market-influencing news. From the € 47.60 closing price of the year 2017 it rose on the back of good economic prospects up to its preliminary peak of € 52.48 on January 11. From February onwards, the share entered a downward trend that lasted until early April and which was caused especially by the announcement of the U.S. government to introduce protective tariffs on imports of steel and aluminum. This was superseded by another upward movement during which our share price regained the level of the year-end 2017 until mid-May, before the final declaration of American protective tariffs and uncertainties in connection with the formation of a new government in Italy once more put pressure on the share price, which bottomed out at € 36.05 on July 2. in the last few weeks, this trend reversed in the wake of the general recovery of the capital market. A closing price of € 42.30 on July 31 corresponds to –11 % overall performance of the Salzgitter share in the first seven months of the 2018 financial year.

Treasury shares

SZAG’s portfolio of treasury shares amounted to 6,009,700 units as per December 31, 2017, and is unchanged from December 31, 2016.

Basic data

Divisions: Strip Steel, Plate/Sections, Mannesmann, Trading, Technology
Financial year-end: December 31
Stock market abbreviation SZG (Deutsche Börse, Bloomberg) SZGG (Reuters)
German Securities Identification 620 200
ISIN: DE 0006202005
Trading segment: Prime Standart
Index: MDAX
CDAX sector code: Basic Resources
Secondary Public Offering: June 2, 1998
Transferred to MDAX: June 21, 2010
Nominal capital: Euro 161.615.273,31 (seit 30.09.2005)
Nominal capital in shares: 60.097.000 (per 07.08.2008)
Autorized capital: Euro 161.615.273,31 (seit 30.09.2005)
Stock markets: Frankfurt (Parkett, Xetra; official market) Hannover (Heimatbörse; official market) Other markets (OTC; Bremen deactivated)
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