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Dividend Policy of the Salzgitter AG

The developments in the various areas of business in which Salzgitter AG is engaged are subject to the cyclical, economically induced fluctuations typical of the sectors concerned. This is reflected both in Group results and in the share price. 

Against this background, Salzgitter AG pursues a policy of continuous dividend payments in implementation of the following criteria. Under the premise of realizing profits, our intention is to disburse continuously attractive dividends which are not entirely dictated by the cyclical nature of the development in results. It is further our objective to allow the Shareholders of Salzgitter AG to profit from an above-average dividend yield. This is calculated on the basis of the year-end share price and is measured against the average dividend yields in the DAX, MDAX, SDAX and TecDAX stock market segments.

FAQ General Meeting and Dividends

Dividend chart of the last 8 years

Dividend 2017

The Executive Board and the Supervisory Board will propose to the General Meeting of Shareholders that these unappropriated retained earnings (€ 27,1 million) be used to fund payment of dividend of € 0.45 per share (based on the capital stock of € 161.6 million divided into 60,097,000 shares) and that the remaining amount be carried forward to new account.

Annual Report 2017 (PDF, 1.9 MB)

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