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Initiatives and Developments

"Steel and Technology" is at once a philosophy and a way of life for Salzgitter AG.

Steel is more than just a material. We encounter it in every aspect of our lives, for it is infinitely adaptable. Let us show you some excerpts from the word of Salzgitter steel and introduce you to some typical projects, applications and joint initiatives.

Within the "Initiative Automotive" we bundle our professional competence and continuously work on further development of materials, processes and services. In close collaboration with our customers, we develop innovative concepts and ideas for the automotive construction. 

Salzgitter Mannesmann Renewables is your partner for construction projects in the field of renewable energy production. We supply high-grade steel products and system solutions that are tailored to the needs of our customers in the energy sector.

Together with external partners, the Salzgitter Group conducts research on new technologies in order to decrease CO2 in production processes – with a first approach at the group-owned Salzgitter steelworks and a larger perspective of fundamental applicability at every site with similar, so-called “integrated” steel production. The activities related to the direct avoidance of CO2 emissions (Carbon Direct Avoidance, CDA) in the steel production are subsumed under the project name of SAlzgitter Low CO2 Steelmaking (SALCOS®).

The Salzgitter Group is participating with international partners in the “GrInHy” project – Green Industrial Hydrogen via reversible-temperature electrolysis. As part of GrInHy new ways of producing hydrogen are being researched with the aim of possibly making a contribution to lowering CO2 in steel production in the future.

The Steel Information Centre is a joint association of the German steel industry. Geared to the market and applications it provides independent information on processing and using steel as a material.

Bauforumstahl e.V. is an independent advisory and knowledge transfer forum specializing in construction. As a joint undertaking by companies and organizations in the steel industry, function is to keep you informed of the potential applications and advantages of steel as a construction material.

The Steel Construction Forum is an independent Internet portal supporting engineers active in the areas of steel and composite steel-concrete construction.

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