Personnel Development

Enhancing Competencies. Achieving Goals. Only those who know what their goals are will achieve them. And applying our own individual strengths will get us there that much quicker.

Human Resources development has always been a high priority at Salzgitter AG and its subsidiaries.

Together, working as committed, competent and determined employees, we can achieve ambitious goals – the Salzgitter Group today is ready for the future.

We are rising to the challenges of the 21st century, such as internationalization and demographic change. And because strong employees flourish in a strong company we are able to make a lasting contribution to our commercial success.

Further Training

FORWARD - Promoting Leadership Development at Salzgitter AG

No matter whether we are dealing with recent university graduates, experts with professional experience or leaders with managerial responsibilities: when it comes to developing our performers, we utilize a group-wide inter-company scheme - FORWARD.

Salzgitter Foundation Programs are tailored to high potentials/trainees with a university degree and to high performers with vocational training from all companies. The programs last between 12 to 15 months. A structured communication of knowledge as well as the development and enhancement of systematic approaches and social skills are priorities of these programs.

In the Salzgitter Management Seminar managers with some years of professional experience are given the opportunity to enhance their personal skills particularly in the area of leadership. Furthermore they are encouraged to intensify their corporate networking.

In the Salzgitter Experts Seminar experts with several years of professional experience and leaders of small teams meet up to promote personal skills in project and stakeholder management.

Managers and experts with several years of experience can participate in the Salzgitter Collaboration Workshops. These are platforms to exchange information about focus topics and to transfer knowledge by means of peer consulting.

Salzgitter Talent Programs focus on high potentials for future management positions in the Salzgitter Group. The annual circle of talent identification in all group companies identifies high potentials and confirms them through the talent conference.
Following talent programs prepare for the future career in key positions in the Salzgitter Group. The three-phase programs, actively co-designed by the participants themselves, include the use of modern methods and tools as well as the implementation of group-wide projects.

The Salzgitter Insight Program consists of premium 3-day seminars for managers and senior management levels. They focus on advancing management knowledge on the subjects of strategy, finance and leadership.

Additionally in 2012 the Salzgitter Mentoring Program for Women was developed. The target group are women in managing or expert positions with several years of professional experience, who have attended a Salzgitter Seminar and would like to develop their professional career.