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Salzgitter AG ranks among the leading steel technology groups with around € 9 billion in external sales, a crude steel capacity of 7 million tons and a workforce of over 25,000 employees. It ranks among Europe’s leading steel technology and plant engineering corporations. The Group operates cutting-edge and resource-efficient production sites in Germany and abroad. It consists of more than 150 subsidiary and holding companies and, headed by Salzgitter AG, is structured as a holding comprising the five business units of Strip Steel, Plate/Section Steel, Mannesmann, Trading and Technology.

The product portfolio includes a wide variety of strip steel products, beams, heavy plate, as well as seamless and welded tubes in all dimensions. Furthermore, Salzgitter AG manufactures processed products for the automotive and construction industries. The Technology Business Unit comprises several specialist machine construction companies, including one of the world's leading manufacturers of filling and packaging plants for the beverages, food and non-food industry.

The share of Salzgitter AG is listed on the SDAX index of Deutsche Börse AG.

2019 2018 2017 2016 2015
Nominal capital1) € m 161.6 161.6 161.6 161.6 161.6
Number of shares1) units m 60.1 60.1 60.1 60.1 60.1
Number of shares outstanding1) units m 54.1 54.1 54.1 54.1 54.1
Market capitalization1)2) € m 1,069.0 1,383.3 2,575.2 1,815.1 1,229.4
Year-end closing price1)3) 19.76 25.57 47.60 33.55 22.73
Stock market high3) 31.51 52.48 48.57 35.47 36.42
Stock market low3) 14.13 25.08 29.74 16.81 20.34
Earnings per share/EPS4)5) -4.46 5.06 3.52 1.00 -1.08
Cashflow per share/CPS4)5) 4.63 9.76 5.06 5.37 8.28
Dividend per share (DPS) 0.205) 0.555) 0.45 0.30 0.25
Total dividend € m 12.15) 29.75) 24.3 16.2 13.5


Salzgitter AG company profile
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