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What combines theory and practice? The transfer!

Photo of a student

The keyword “transfer” is widely discussed in literature concerning HR Development. Center of interest is the question how theoretical knowledge can be effectively applied to everyday working situations. You probably know what this question is all about. You have probably asked yourself many times “Why do I have to learn all this?” or “What will I need this for in the future?”

We believe that with your current theoretical knowledge, your innovative ideas and your view of things as a young adult entering professional life, you could be a valuable addition to our company. This is why we offer many different opportunities for internships and theses.

You could be especially valuable to our company if you fulfill the following criteria:

  • Relevant field of study
  • Above-average grades
  • Challenging and demanding internships
  • Computer as well as language skills (especially German, English and French)
  • International experience + voluntary/non-university involvement

Stand up to the challenge and test the transferability of your knowledge. We are looking forward to meeting you!

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