"Our company attaches great importance to assuming social responsibility. People are at the center of our commitment. As a forward-looking employer, we implement employee-oriented personnel concepts and are actively committed to the common good at our sites."

Michael Kieckbusch, Chief Human Resources Officer

People at the center

Salzgitter AG attaches great importance to assuming social responsibility. In doing so, we place special emphasis on people, both within the company and externally. As an employer, we have a duty of care towards the people who work for us and we take responsibility for offering our employees sustainable prospects. In addition, we get involved in our towns as a social stakeholder, finding diverse ways to promote both togetherness and local communities.


employees constitute a strong team
that rededicates itself every day to the
success and future of the company.

Forward-looking employer

Our success and future are particularly dependent on our employees. The people in our company shape the future of our Group and play a central role in implementing the transformation.

Employee-oriented HR concepts

Our HR strategy aims to offer people in our company an attractive, safe and appreciative work environment. We therefore provide a wide range of employer contributions and benefits, offer extensive opportunities for qualifications and development and rely on fair, transparent remuneration.

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Training and Continuous Professional Development

The dedication, knowledge and creativity of our employees are key success factors for the company. Sound training for young talent as well as continuous further education and qualifications for our staff represent important investments in the future.

Expertise for the future

We offer our employees a wide range of further education and qualifications and we are developing further education concepts to shape the transformation. We also support and promote the career advancement of our specialists and managers with our HR development system FORWARD. To counter the imminent shortage of skilled workers in good time, we offer training in a wide range of occupations and dual study programs in commercial and technical fields as well as IT.


young people are engaged
in around 40 different
apprenticeships with us.

We are targeting a reduction
in accidents (LTIF) of

35 %

by comparison with 2021 by 2025.

Health and safety at work

Health and safety at work is a central priority in the Salzgitter Group. We want people to be able to work safely and healthily with us. We therefore rely on comprehensive occupational health and safety management and take measures to protect and sustain our employees’ health.

Reducing accidents

The groupwide objective of our safety policy is simple: zero accidents! Further reductions in accidents is therefore enshrined as a target in our “Salzgitter AG 2030” Group strategy, and we work tirelessly on further optimizing the existing safety level and reinforcing the safety culture in the Group.

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As a Group, we assume social responsibility and actively contribute to the common good. Our social commitment ranges from a wide variety of funding programs and initiatives, support in the event of disasters up to traditional philanthropic donations.

Promotion and sponsorship

As part of our sponsorship concept, we have defined criteria for the systematically promotion of sustainable initiatives and projects.

We are particularly committed in the following areas:

  • Social issues
  • Environmental protection
  • Science and education

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SALCOS® - We turn steel green

With SALCOS®, we have joined forces with partners from industry and research to lay the foundations for virtually CO2-free steel production. Central elements of the concept are electricity from renewable sources and its use in the production of hydrogen by means of electrolysis. This green hydrogen will replace the coal we currently use in the conventional blast furnace process. This will be possible with the help of so-called direct reduction plants, in which iron ore is reduced to iron directly in the solid state by hydrogen. This technology emits water vapor instead of CO2.

Our SALCOS® program thus pursues the Carbon Direct Avoidance approach, which stands for avoiding the generation of CO2 in steel production from the outset. Overall, our approach enables us to reduce CO2 emissions in steel production by over 95 %.

To program SALCOS®

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