School Students

What options do I have after I finish school?

With this particular difficult question we do not want to leave you alone. Information regarding Vocational Training and Studies plus many possibilities to try out and learn about the different disciplines will enable you to make a better decision on what you want to become.

Maybe you already know what you want to become? Then why not try and see if we offer the kind of Vocational Training or Dual Study you are looking for. Also you can take a look at what our current “trainees” have to say about Salzgitter as an employer and their Vocational Training and maybe it will inspire you. Please note however that the reports are currently only available in German. 

If you have finished school with a (Fach-) Hochschulreife, Dual Study is an option you should definitely look into. We offer this kind of opportunity at many different locations. 

More than 1.000 “trainees” are currently trained in over 20 different jobs. By choosing Salzgitter for your Vocational Training you will have a partner at your side with many decades of experience in Vocational Training.