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The Salzgitter AG national image campaign

 „Whatever your plans may be.“ – is the image campaign of Germany’s second largest steel corporation. It portrays the group as a system partner, developing solutions in close cooperation with its customers.

Steel is "in" and worldwide demand is stronger than ever before. Today, the issue is no longer documenting and substantiating the future capability of steel as a material, as there is adequate awareness of these strengths. Taking a more entertaining slant, the new campaign is geared to illustrating the fact that steel manufactured by Salzgitter is ideally suited - in terms of quality and quantity - to serve and enable an extremely wide range of applications, projects and undertakings. The key message: As a competent and flexible partner, Salzgitter AG helps its customers to realize any conceivable type of project or undertaking – regardless of how unusual or out of the ordinary these may be.

Photo of the image campaign
Image with the YouTube-Channel of Salzgitter AG

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