of the steel can be recycled during steel production – without any loss of quality

Responsible action and sustainable economic management

All activities are geared to the long-term success of the company – in this context we are conscious of our responsibility for the protection of the environment, towards our employees, customers and shareholders and as a part of society.

Social Responsibility

Success and progress are heavily dependent on our employees, they shape the future of Salzgitter AG. This is why social responsibility plays a central role for us. For our daily work routine, this means that we maintain fair and cooperative relationships, think and act safety-consciously in the interests of our employees and promote the qualifications of our employees through strong education and further training.


In this context, we are also facing the demographic change and the associated changes in working conditions due to an increasing average age of the workforce and a lower number of qualified junior staff. With the help of our Generation Offensive GO, we are developing strategies by 2025 to sustainably strengthen the Group’s competitiveness and innovative capability.

Image with link to "Projekt GO"

Our Generation Offensive

Image with link to SZAG Career blog

Career blog of the Group

Environmental protection

Protection of the environment, the conservation of natural resources and a frugal handling of energy are important corporate goals of the Salzgitter Group. Our understanding of responsible protection of the environment and resources does not end with the observance of statutory regulations but is also an integral part of our entrepreneurial conduct.

Regular training of employees to promote environmental and energy competence is as important as continuous improvements of plants and production processes, for example from the point of view of resource efficiency. All of this and the open dialogue with stakeholders contribute to further improving our performance in the environmental energy sector.  


Future-oriented initiatives such as SALCOS®, WindH2 oder GrInHy 2.0 are aimed at ultimately achieving nearly CO2-free steel production and thus making a relevant contribution to the climate targets set.

Thus, joining the foundation "Stiftung 2° – Deutsche Unternehmer für Klimaschutz” demonstrates that Salzgitter Group’s ambition to take an active part in solving the upcoming enormous transformation of the economy and to make it a success through joint initiatives.

Our climate initiative SALCOS®

Image of the Salzgitter Mannesmann Renewables

Salzgitter Mannesmann Renewables

Picture with link to the press release on Salzgitter AG's accession to the "Stiftung 2 Degrees"

SZAG is member of Stiftung 2°

Our Green Hydrogen Initiative

Salzgitter AG - Special "STIL" issue on hydrogen & SALCOS®

Water and wind are becoming increasingly important resources, because hydrogen produced with renewable energy can enable sustainable industrial production - and low CO2 steel production. Prof. Dr.-Ing. Heinz Jörg Fuhrmann, Chairman of the Executive Board of Salzgitter Group, is confident: "In the future hydrogen will play a decisive role in mobility, energy generation and storage, as well as in many other industrial processes." Salzgitter Group has found solutions for this and initiated projects, which are exemplary for the industry.

Note: Currently only available in German language.

Technology –
KHS Group publishes its fourth voluntary sustainability report

Under the motto of Global responsibility – acting reliably and with foresight, the Salzgitter AG subsidiary herewith presents its range of corporate services in the field of filling and packaging technology and provides an extensive summary of its sustainability KPIs for the reporting period. In the introductory interview the KHS Executive Management Board talks about the most pressing issues currently facing our society and the challenges these pose. Climate change, digitalization and demographic change are the key concerns here that determine the actions of the entire corporate group and are described in detail in the report.

Social Engagement

Salzgitter AG has strong roots with its respective production sites. Therefore, a location concept with a focus on regional engagement was developed. On the basis of this, we support local initiatives and non-profit projects in our neighborhood. The focus is on the areas of youth development, education, culture and sports.

At its locations, the Group is also an important economic factor for medium-sized enterprises and strives for long-term and trustworthy relationships with its service providers and suppliers. In the Salzgitter region for example, there are agreements with around 2.800 companies.

For Salzgitter AG, regional commitment is a well-founded matter of course as well as an important part of its corporate tradition and culture.

Bürgerstiftung Salzgitter

Allianz für die Region

Salzgitter Group – Responsibilities and perspectives

The entrepreneurial behaviour of a company and its responsibility for people, the environment and society go beyond purely economic aspects. To document this, the Salzgitter Group publishes a non-financial report every year. We want to illustrate the facts and figures that make up the essence of the report with images and stories around the Group and to present the people who bring all this to life. Therefore, we have published this report with stories from our group magazine. Please note, that these contents are only available in German.

News & Background

22.07.21 | Press release of Salzgitter AG

Salzgitter AG delivers green strip steel to Mercedes-Benz AG

Before the end of 2021, Salzgitter AG subsidiary Salzgitter Flachstahl GmbH will be delivering green strip steel products with a CO2 footprint reduced by more than 66% to four...

21.06.21 | Press release of Salzgitter AG

Sustainable business approach recognized by updated ESG Assessment

Salzgitter AG has received an updated ESG Assessment score of 54/100 from V.E, part of Moody’s ESG Solutions. This is not only above the industry average in Europe, but also...

17.05.21 | Press release of Salzgitter AG

Another key components on the road to low-CO2 steel production

Salzgitter AG is now taking another major step on the road to low-CO2 steel production: As part of the SALCOS – SAlzgitter Low-CO2 Steelmaking project, today’s ground-breaking...

11.03.21 | Press release of Salzgitter AG

“Wind Hydrogen Salzgitter – WindH2” – an important step on the path to decarbonizing the steel industry

Salzgitter AG, Avacon and Linde have taken an important and exemplary step on the path to decarbonizing the steel industry. With the...