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Codetermination & Communication

We view open dialog based on trust as key to the successful cooperation of all employees, even in difficult situations. The comprehensive relaying of information at an early stage is therefore highly prized in our company. We use various instruments to incorporate the experience and expertise of our employees into the processes of change and improvement at Salzgitter AG.

The coal-and-steel codetermination system and cooperation with work councils

At Salzgitter AG, we have a long tradition of close communication between employees and Group Management, characterized by constructive collaboration. As a steel and technology group, we implement the requirements of the coal-and-steel codetermination system that endows employee representatives on the supervisory boards of companies in the iron and steel producing industry with extensive rights of codetermination. The interests of our employees are represented by trade unions, works councils and other forms of employee representation. The Group Works Council is the central codetermination and participation body of the employees. In addition, each business unit has own work groups within the works councils. Special topics, such occupational safety, health and environmental protection, are addressed by the Groups Works Council in committees specially set up for this purpose. European forms of participation are also present at Salzgitter AG, as exemplified by the European Works councils of EUROPIPE or Salzgitter Mannesmann Precision GmbH.

Groupwide IMPULS 2015 employee survey

The IMPULS groupwide employee survey was carried out in November 2015 for the third time. More than 22,000 employees in a total of 73 companies in Germany and abroad participated in the survey. The response rate stood at a very good level of 64 %. The results of the survey were generally positive across the board compared with the last employee survey in 2011. The main emphasis here was placed on the motivation factors of General satisfaction with work, Identification and Commitment, that have also improved when measured against the external benchmark, along with the topic of Leadership. Despite the very good results of the survey, some topics were identified that do not yet adequately reflect our high standards. We will now be addressing these areas of activity with the aid of a groupwide, structured and sustained follow-up process.

Idea management and suggestion scheme

We continuously refine our products and processes. The creativity and the wealth of ideas of our employees, which we value and wish to encourage as best we can, are a major driver in these endeavors. Idea management allows the employees to put forward their suggestions for improvements in their respective company. While, in 2013, 5,508 ideas were submitted, the number rose to 6,343 suggestions for improvement in 2015. The consistently high level of participation in idea management over many years shows that our workforce is proactively promoting changes in their working environment.
“Innovation”, the value of 2014/15, served to highlight idea management to an even greater extent through the groupwide “My Idea” initiative that encouraged employees to submit their ideas within the Group. Over the period of the initiative alone (six months), 3,933 ideas were received. 

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