Thomas Rechtien

Job title:Senior Trader
Office in:Düsseldorf, Germany
Company:Salzgitter Mannesmann International GmbH (SMI)
On board:since 2009

I have a banking background but decided to leave the banking business completely in 2006 to join steel trading. I started working for Dextra, a small trading company, at that time. We sold steel from Severstal (Russia) and some Indian and Chinese mills to Europe. When I got in touch with Salzgitter Mannesmann International the first time I was really eager to do some more international business and widen my horizon. It was the right offer at the right time.

Here at SMI, I am selling steel to North America and the Middle East (cold rolled and coated) as well as silicon steel worldwide, always searching for niches and new opportunities. My main task is to make money for the company! This includes mill and customer visits, bringing both ends together, and taking care of my internal customers as well.

What I like most about my job is travelling and meeting people from other countries and cultures as well as selling steel. This also means that there is no usual day! 50% of my time I am on the road and in meetings with customers. While I am in the office during the other 50%, I am mainly on the phone with customers and suppliers, participating in meetings and sending mails around the world. The biggest challenge I have to tackle is keeping every involved party motivated to try over and over again until we are successful.

I am proud of being a member of the big Salzgitter family. There is so much more to it than steel!!!

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