Initiative Automotive at the EuroCarBody 2023

10.11.2023 | Message of the Salzgitter AG

Salzgitter AG presented the Initiative Automotive Initiative at the exhibition accompanying the EuroCarBody conference in Bad Nauheim. At the trade fair, the Initiative Automotive launched its newly designed homepage, providing customers with a good overview of the companies associated with the Initiative Automotive, in addition to their product and service portfolios. Applications were showcased on a realistic car model, while direct links to the relevant contact persons were made available. Moreover, customers were also provided with the latest information on the SALCOS® - Salzgitter Low CO2 Steelmaking transformation process and learned about the advantages of steel over aluminum by way of a comparison tool.
EuroCarBody is the world's leading forum for experts defining and discussing the state of the art in advanced series body construction. The international elite of automotive engineers convene and examine the development, performance and production processes of the latest production model bodies for the European markets. In detailed presentations by OEM specialist engineers directly involved in development, current series production bodies from the ongoing model year are explained to the specialist audience. The development, material and production concepts of the car bodies are presented extensively, evaluated by the audience and awarded prizes.