Mannesmann Line Pipe supplying for EWE's pipeline of the future

21.12.2022 | Salzgitter AG

H2ready steel pipes linking up to the Wilhelmshaven LNG terminal

Mannesmann Line Pipe GmbH - a subsidiary of Salzgitter AG - has booked an order from the energy network operator EWE NETZ GmbH and, with the delivery of around 16,000 t of H2ready pipes, is making significant contributions to the expansion of the LNG gas infrastructure in north-west Germany. The pipeline is scheduled to be commissioned as early as the end of 2023.
The newly pipeline connects to OGE's "WAL" connection pipeline running from Wilhelmshaven to Etzel, which is currently under construction, and extends from Sande in the Friesland district via Westerstede to Nüttermoor/Jemgum in the Leer district. Along these routes, the natural gas is transported from the Wilhelmshaven LNG terminal to EWE's Huntorf and Nüttermoor/Jemgum cavern storage facilities, on the one hand, and on to industrial and household customers via the downstream gas networks, on the other.
The new pipeline has a capacity of up to six billion cubic meters of natural gas from the LNG landfall. Given sufficient liquefied natural gas is delivered to Wilhelmshaven, this could supply around four million households in the Ems-Weser-Elbe region with LNG.
Burkhard Becker, Chief Financial Officer of Salzgitter AG: "The planned pipeline is a further building block in diversifying Germany's gas supply and making it more crisis-proof at the same time. In this context, the planned LNG terminals are of elementary importance. With its steel and tube products, the Salzgitter Group is making important contributions to the development of an efficient infrastructure that will also benefit the emerging hydrogen economy. "
As Andreas Betzler, Commercial Director, explains: "We are proud to be able to contribute to securing Germany's energy supply with our steel tubes. We are able to provide the production capacities quickly and respond flexibly. The pipes are H2ready – meaning that green hydrogen can also be fed through them at a later date."
All in all, Mannesmann Line Pipe is supplying a total of around 4,100 pipes in the DN 600 size range in lengths of 18 - and 12 meters. The pipes are transported by rail from the Hamm plant to Sande and Leer and then further distributed on to the pipe storage yards along the pipeline. This not only serves to ensure logistics, but also saves CO2 during transport at the same time. The planned pipeline is around 70 km long in total.
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