Salzgitter AG wins Corporate Health Award

11.12.2023 | Salzgitter AG

On December 7, 2023 Salzgitter AG was presented with the Corporate Health Award 2023 in acknowledgement of the company’s multifaceted measures and offerings in the employee health area. For Dr. Kai Haas, Head of Occupational Medicine at Salzgitter AG, this commitment clearly goes hand in hand with the corporate strategy: "The course to sustainable industry is key for us. The aim of our SALCOS project is to achieve a drastic reduction in CO2 emissions in steel production. We are also striving to establish ourselves as a leading company in the Circular Economy. This means keeping resources once extracted from nature in economic use for as long as possible, thereby minimizing the additional supply of finite resources into the economic cycle. Occupational health and safety support this transformation and, above all, the people who make it possible through their pioneering spirit and determination, matched by the same passion for innovation and sustainability. For us, these are also essential core elements of a sustainable health and safety culture.”

Since 2009, the Corporate Health Award has been jointly organized by the market research and consulting company EuPD Research and the Handelsblatt Media Group and awarded to employers who demonstrate decidedly above-average commitment to the health of their employees. "As an organization rooted deeply in a long history, Salzgitter AG not only addresses the current needs of its employees, but also assumes strategic responsibility for future generations by being particularly committed to the areas of climate, society and the economy. This is reflected in motivating and innovative campaigns as well as activities that proactively raise employees' awareness of sustainable health," as Steffen Klink, COO at EUPD Research emphasized.

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