The remuneration system of the Supervisory Board

Each member of the Supervisory Board receives a fixed remuneration of € 60,000 per financial year. This remuneration is double the amount for the Vice Chairman and three times the amount for the Chairman. In addition, each member receives € 5,000 for committee activities, each committee chairman and each member of the Audit Committee € 10,000, and the chairman of the Audit Committee € 30,000. The Chairman of the Supervisory Board and the Vice Chairman are not remunerated for membership in the committees. The other Supervisory Board members are compensated for a maximum of two memberships in committees. An attendance fee of € 500 is paid for participation in each Supervisory Board meeting; participation and decision making by way of telephone do not count insofar as participating in a meeting.

PDF Remuneration of the Supervisory Board

PDF Individualized attendance of the Supervisory Board members

PDF Rules of procedure for the Supervisory Board